Do you milk your bad days? I do…

Bad days in our house usually end with pizza.

A couple of weeks ago, our bad day landed conveniently on a Friday (when we often do pizza anyways). Josh had a grueling day, I had an exhausting day as a mom, and Corra was miserable from teething. Neither Josh nor I had the energy to cook or clean up dishes afterwards. So we decided to order a take-n-bake pizza from a nearby place. I called in our order, and the gal on the other end said it would be done in 10-15 minutes. Josh took Corra with him to get her out of the house, and I finished up some tasks at home. Thirty minutes later, I called my husband and asked them what their status was. He still didn’t have our pizza, and several other people who came in after them had already left with their pizzas. I could sense the frustration in the tone of his voice. Continue reading